The Amazing Horse Cover

For those that do not know of Weebl, check out his site here. He is the creator of the Badger song, the Narwhal song and a song about tigers in Kenya. I wasn’t a fan of the Amazing Horse untill I saw this cover which admittedly had it’s charm.


A Softer World 522

I am a fan of this webcomic and it’s even on my link-list to the left but this one is worth noticing because it really has a real life point. Something to keep in mind, methinks.


The (lack of) Science behind Westerns

A science post from my favourite science blog (check it out!!) that explains why the gunman who draws second always wins. And then it explains why the explanation isn’t really valid.


Tony the Fish

We were shown this last week in one of our lectures and since I have watched more and more Tim Minchin online.


In line with that, I’ll finish with a Douglas Adams quote:

“Is it not enough to see that the garden is beautiful without having to believe in fairies at the bottom of it?”