So, because I was incredibly busy yesterday, I had to postpone making pancakes until today. I have also not decided what I will give up for Lent yet. Can’t give up caffeine or facebook, suggestions welcome.

But now, without further ado, it’s pancake time!


The dough.


101_2204 101_2205

Making a bacon-cheese sauce for the savoury pancakes. Simple really: fry bacon, heat white wine (separatly & gently), add cheese to wine and melt slowly, add bacon to sauce, season to taste.


101_2207 101_2208

The first pancake. And yes, I’m using a plastic knife as I can’t find any of my normal ones.


101_2210 101_2211

The first Haribo pancake. Firstly I’ll have to admit that I used gummibears of a different make that makes better gummibears (and lots of other yummy things). But where’s the difference when they’ve melted? Here I added the haribo to the dough in the pan. The problem that arises is that you can’t turn it anymore and have to sort of fold it and just hope for the best. Not an ideal solution (although this method works well with apples).


101_2213 101_2214

This is what happens when you forget to put more oil in the pan. Still, very nice with ready made vanilla icing.


101_2215  101_2216

101_2218 101_2220

101_2222  My last attempt at haribo pancakes. Here I added the haribo after I turned the pancake and then let them melt. Spread them around a bit and then roll the pancake into a neat little roll.

The problem that all haribo pancakes had is that they leave a horrible sticky mess on the plate when the gooey stuff goes hard again.


All in all, an amazing meal. There’s still dough left over so I might have apple-cinnamon pancakes later if I get hungry again. That’s unlikely though as I feel like I’m about to die of a sugar overdose. Is that possible?

Over and out.