xkcd 699

A brilliant webcomic I’m sure everyone knows. This little strip is worth having a laugh about if you’re one of those people who do indeed own their own labcoat but aren’t a doctor.


Dinosaurs in colour!

Recently, scientists have worked out which colour some feathered dinosaurs where! Pretty cool, huh?

Loads of people have blogged about this, among them Ed Yong (1, 2), Matthew Cobb from the Uni of Manchester(1, 2) and Jerry Coyne (1, 2). Basically they all blog about the same two articles but the points made at the end of Cobb-2 are quite interesting! So what if we know what colour dinosaurs were!?!

What’s you’re take on it?


Just another nifty picture

…taken where I go to Uni! A sparrowhawk with a kill, not for the easily offended!


Let me Google that for you

A site that let’s you make fun of anyone who asks stupid questions all the time. This is an example of what’d happen if someone would ask me where the ikea in Manchester is.