So for a while I’ve been meaning to make a cake again. I decided on what we’d call “Studentenkuchen” – student cake  – back home. The name is analogous to “Studentenfutter” – student feed (like cat feed). Studentenfutter is a mix of nuts and raisins. It’s good for nibbles while studying and it contains proteins etc to replace the meat that students (apparently) can’t afford.

Studentenkuchen would be a cake you’d make for your student son (or daughter) when he’d go off to Uni again after visiting home. It uses nuts, chocolate etc because a) that’s calories the poor boy will surely need and b) against nuts contain proteins and stuff.


The normal recipe I use for all cakes and muffins is this:

250-300g butter
150-250g sugar
4-6 eggs
250-500g flour
baking powder
up to 250ml milk

So I started with 250g butter (that’s one packet) and about 140g sugar (less than normal because of the sweet flavourings I was going to add). I also always use an electric whisk because I’m lazy.

Today I used 6 eggs, normally I’d use less but I felt that otherwise I’d have to use too much milk for the flavourings. Unfortunately, today wasn’t my best day and the mixture separated and went a bit lumpy. To avoid this, you’ll want everything at the same temperature but I’m always too lazy to wait that long.

It all sorted itself out when I added the flour (about 340g) anyhow – or at least it normally does! Today the whole mixture stayed a bit lumpy. I added as much milk as I felt I’d need to get the right consistency.

For flavourings, instead of the more normal raisins and hazelnuts, I used dried figs, walnuts, ground almonds, chocolate shavings and powder and half an apple.

101_2233 101_2236

Make chocolate shavings by finely cutting chocolate with a large knife. The picture is missing the apple because that was a spontaneous decision when I realised I had half an apple left from (belated) pancake day.

I stirred everything into the mixture and baked the cake for about 1h 20min until done. I was a little worried because the cake tin was very very full and I put some baking paper into the oven so that I wouldn’t have to clean any spills. I was lucky and there weren’t any.

101_2238 101_2239

Stirring the chocolate powerd into the mix and the finished mix. Please ignore the lumpiness.

When the cake was done, I decided to coat it using a type of icing that isn’t really icing (Glasur). It’s a Germany thing I imagine. It’s chocolate flavoured anyhow, that’s all that matters in the end. I decided against hazelnut icing because I felt that might add one flavour too many.

101_2241 101_2243

The cake which ended up slightly burned in places and the icing mixture – microwaved from a ready-made-mix. 


The whole things is very very sweet and one slice probably contains over a meals worth of calories. The different ingredients mean that every bite is different though so it’s very exiting. The outside is a bit crunchy and the inside a little wet though.

Suggestions and Improvements:

  • leave butter and eggs at room temp for longer so that no lumpiness will occur. The end product does not negatively suffer from the lumps but it would make the baking process more enjoyable.
  • bake at lower temperature for longer and cover with tinfoil once outside is brown. This will avoid the hard crust and make for a more regular end product.
  • only use half a packet of “icing” as I had plenty left.