Figure 1: freshly baked German “Mehrkornbrot”


Figure 2: a deliciously multicultural evening meal of sausages, bread, cheese sauce (with wine) accompanied by a glass of wine.


I have just finished the first of my 100 books!

The first part of the trilogy in five parts, is once again both annoying and amazing.

I am one of those people who like the absurd in literature, I even enjoyed Kafka! In that sense, Douglas Adam is the kind of author I should like. But, like when I first read the book, I am overcome with an inexplicable feeling of “What the fuck?”

Although of course, this feeling will only get worse, as I continue reading the next books.


The reason I have once again read this, is because I want to get And another thing … by Eoin Colfer (the same man who wrote A Series of Unfortunate Events, books that even my uncle reads). Unfortunately, it is not yet available in paperback in my local bookstore. This is a sequel to The Hitchhikers Guide that was commissioned in 2008 and might give me a sense of closure that the last book in the series so far – Mostly Harmless, couldn’t give me.

Or perhaps I’ll still be “What the fuck?”.

Also, has anyone seen the movie to this? Is it any good?