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I was browsing the internet as you do when I came across this wonderful site full of lists, some more amusing than others although all are worth a read. I was horrified that baby birds aren’t actually rejected by their mothers after being touched!


Reading this, I thought that I myself should add a more or less weekly post to my blog highlighting the wonders of the internet. So here it is, The Weird and Wonderful, Part 1.


1 – Penis removal

The case that amused me most, was that of a man who had had not one penis removal but two! Can you imagine? The poor bloke.


2 – Buried Alive

Luckily these days this isn’t really too much of an issue but back in the days it was. Read for horrifying stories of people buried alive, only one of which survived the ordeal.


3 – Strange Births

Stranger than Virgin Mary, these are all true and very odd! I pity the parents in most cases and the children in some.


4 – Places with morbid names

This is only on the list because I’ve been to the last of these and definitely agree with the name.



The Great Rift – Africa’s Wild Heart


I’ll admit, I’ve been going on about this program a lot. There’s a reason for this though. Not only do I love Africa but this series shows the amazing beauty of the area so well and explains how it was made. The ecology is amazing.

Even if you’re not an animal or Africa freak, watch it for the shear beauty of it.


How Earth Made Us

Deep EarthWaterWind

This series shows how forces on earth, like volcanic forces, water and wind, have shaped human history. I found the episode on wind to be particularly fascinating in it’s explanation on the colonization of the outer islands of eastern Asia (Polynesia).

This is part of human history that seldom gets explained. Science geek that I am, I love the combination of science and history.


The Real Winnie Mandela

Once again, something about Africa. While everyone knows about Nelson Mandela, the story of his wife who continued the fight against the apartheid while he was in prison is less well known.

I admire the way she didn’t give up when her husband was send to prison and despite the controversy around her character, I can see the difficulty of remaining calm and peaceful in the face of the injustice of the apartheid.


My Child won’t speak

I first started watching this because I was bored and was soon reeled in by it. I’d never really thought about selective mutism before and I guess you learn something new everyday!


Natural World

Prairie Dogs – Talk of the Town

While I’m not really a major fan of this series, I was recommended this program and indeed it was very interesting. It is based on the idea that Prairie Dogs show a complex language to warn each other to predators and also exhibit learning.

I liked the way, the experiments were shown (to some extend).


And lastly, don’t forget to watch Legally Blond! 🙂